Sunday, October 9, 2016

Our first foster care placement

     So things are progressing in a very unique manner with our very first foster care placement.  They are with a family member who is considered 'safe' but needs some help with their care.  So we are in a 'getting to know you' phase.  The 2 year old, who I will call Minnie for the sake of the blog, and her brother, Super Man, came on Friday and stayed for 24 hours.  Then they went back home to their family member.

     The visit went well over all.  Super Man and I had to come to an understanding about things... for example, I was told that he will take off running from his family member.  So we were on high alert, and sure enough, when my Little Man opened the back gate to go get a ball that went over the fence, he saw his chance and tried to take off.  Thankfully, Hubby and I were both there and caught him VERY quickly.  I promptly took Super Man inside and placed him on a chair.  He cried for about 15 seconds; I was then able to explain that if he can't be safe outside, he won't play outside.  After a couple of minutes, I asked if he would like to try and be safe outside.  He nodded and we went back outside.  We didn't have any problems after that.  Even at Little Man's soccer game, he stayed right with us (it might have helped that I explained that we would sit in the car if he couldn't stay with us and be safe at soccer).

Minnie had no problems at all.  She was the easiest 2 year old ever!  And because she doesn't get naps at her home, she was asleep within seconds once we put her to bed - score!

Of course, Super Man took over an hour to go to bed.... but Little Man has trained me well and taught me a thing or two about stalling.  So I knew not to give him any leverage that could be used against me, like: "you gave a drink last time I spent the night!"
He first tried asking for food: NO (he had JUST eaten a snack before bed, so I am not depriving him ;)
He then asked for water: NO
He then asked me to leave the room, as he is reaching for a toy: BIG NO!
He then asked me to scoot over (probably so he can make a run past me to the door: NO
Turn on the music
Turn off the music
Move the fan over here
Move my clock over there
I want to lay on the floor!

He finally fell asleep with his pillow on the floor directly in front of the fan.

They've got some things we will be working on when they are more permanently with us, as in, not going back and forth from here back to family.
1. potty training, they both wear diapers
2. drinking out of open cups.  They both came with sippy cups
3. getting Super Man into speech therapy
4. sharing/not snatching toys from other people
5.  listening when a grown up says 'come' or 'give me that'
6. getting to the dentist.  Super Man had no idea what a dentist did...

stay tuned.  Currently, we have no idea when they will be back.  I am guessing within a week.