Sunday, September 25, 2016

Probably. Maybe.

On Friday, I received a call for a foster care placement: a two year old and a four year old set of siblings. I said 'I' because Hubby was at work. So naturally, I took the information from our agency and told them I'd get back with them. Their reply, 'It's not an emergency. Talk it over, email us, and we will talk more on Monday.'

So I texted Hubby to call me. He did and we decided to say 'yes.'  So, right away I email the agency, hoping they might get back with me before the end of the work day. They didn't...

So that's where we are. They are probably coming. Maybe. 

Of course, waiting is hard and I don't have any clothes for a two year old. So I might have gone to a sale and bought some clothes....

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