Thursday, August 11, 2016

Support from family and friends

This whole foster care thing would be a lot more difficult without the support of family and friends. Of course there are those people that give a little, "oh..." when I tell them our plans to foster. But we are confident that this is where God has led our family.  So I just let their doubts roll off my shoulder. I am past worrying about what others think!

I am much more interested in the people who are willing to support us.  So to that end, I want to give a shout out of thanks to those who have helped us obtain STUFF! (And of course, a shout out to those who have emotionally supported us as well like my mom, who checks every day to see how we are -and others:)

Spirited One has a best friend who is also home schooled.  Their whole family has turned into such a blessing to us!  We enjoy spending time with them-sharing life together. They were getting new bunk beds and graciously gifted us their bunk beds and mattresses. They even brought them over and helped assemble them in Little Man's room!  Thanks guys!

We have another family that we have been getting to know better in the past several months.  They are home schoolers AND a foster family!  They are a bit further into the foster care journey and have had their foster daughter since December.  Its nice to have someone to ask questions to and who will understand the ups and downs that we will undoubtedly go through.  This family was nice enough to give us an infant car seat, base and a crib with mattress and sheets.

And my father in law also gifted us with 2 twin mattresses that he was getting rid of.  So we are definitely doing well in the bedding situation!  LOL.

The funny thing is, even though we have a plethora of beds and frames, the kids have decided to change up the sleeping arrangements.  They prefer to have the mattresses on the floor and sleep in the same room.  So its comical to see the bunk bed and two additional mattresses on the floor next to it.  I will have to take a picture eventually for you to see!

They won't be able to share rooms when we get a placement... unless they share a room and the foster child is in the other room... so the room situation is bound to change eventually.  But for right now, its working and everyone is happy.  So I am going with the flow for the moment.

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