Sunday, July 10, 2016

waiting to foster

Waiting... then more waiting....

Can't say its my forte.  At least when you are pregnant, you have a due date.  You know within days (or if you are early or late, weeks) when your child will arrive.

When you are preparing to do foster care, there is no due date.  Only waiting.  Waiting to take the next class.  Waiting to see if all of the paperwork is correct.  Waiting to see if you pass the fire inspection. And on and on.  And now, waiting for someone to get back from vacation to sign our papers so it can be sent to the state.

And after that?  More waiting.  Waiting for a phone call  to see if we can take a little one.

And there is only so much preparation one can do.  Hubby said I was nesting.  And for a while, I was.  Cleaning things, organizing closets, etc.  But all that has stopped.  Why?  Because I have no idea if I am preparing for an infant or a 5 year old.  Or anything in between.  That's hard to prepare for!

So instead of buying outfits in every size.  I'll just wait.  But when he/she/they get here: shopping spree!

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

A timeline of foster care licensing

Surprise!  For those of you who didn't know, our family has answered God's call to step into foster care.  I won't get into the why's (other than: why not?)  But today, I am laying out the timeline for how long it has taken to get our license.

January 2016
Take 3 out of 4 pre-service classes and turn in our application.  Due to an unexpected babysitting dilemma, we had to postpone the final class.

Take final pre-service class.  Hubby gets the stomach bug and we find a hotel to stay the night instead of driving 2 hours to go pick up the kiddos.

May 11
Mail in packet of required paperwork.

May 16
Receive phone call that some paper work is missing, including the application (which we had turned in at the January pre-service...)

May 17
Re-do the application and fax it.

June 24
Home study #1.  The questions didn't get too personal and the kids didn't say anything crazy!  Whew!

June 28
Home study #2

July 5
We were informed that the agency needs proof of our homeschooling notification from the local school district.  Forwarded agency email that we had from the district.

July 7
Asked for a copy of last years taxes and our address from 10 years ago

And now.... we wait....

Our license SHOULD be complete by the end of the week.  And then a phone call could come at any time.

July 13
Received email that we are OFFICIALLY LICENSED to be foster parents!

July 21
Received phone call asking us to take 3 sisters age 1,2 and 3.  Had to turn them down.  We only have room for 2 additional car seats in our car.

August 5
Received phone call asking us to take 3 kids, the oldest being 7 years old.  Kindly reminded agency that we don't have enough seat belts for 3 more kids.

October 7
Our first placement, pre-placement actually.